Jem & Scout- 6th Annual Davis Musicians’ Co-Op, Davis Ca. 1/24/94 xfer from 1st gen VHS

Thanks to Robert Toren for sending me this video to transfer. Great quality! Davis friends- I need some help. The date stamp on the video shows 1/24/94, but the Jen & Scout bandcamp page shows that they formed in 1996. So can you tell me 1. if this is Jem & Scout and 2. If you know when the 6th annual co-op was held. The internets has nothin’. 🙂 Also, venue help would be appreciated. I think it is the Veterans Auditorium, but the tape is not labeled. Thanks!

Recorded by: Robert Toren


Live Concert Video

Jack (Pre- Oleander )- Sacto Active Rock Sacramento Community Cable Episode #36 1994

Jack was Oleander, before they were called Oleander! They consisted of: Doug Eldridge- Bass; Tommy Flowers- Vocals, Guitar; Ric Ivanisevich- Guitar; Henry (Mitch) Mitchell- Drums. Please tag them- I bet they’d love to see it! The audio is messed up at the beginning and there is some color bleed that was out of control of the crew. It’s still quite enjoyable. If you want to see more Sacto Active Rock episodes, or any other rock videos, please subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks.

Live Concert Video

High Gain- Demo 1993-1994 Grass Valley Audio Only

I had not heard of this band before, so here is Eddie Jorgensen’s account:
High Gain was a shortlived hard rock / somewhat metal group from Grass Valley that often played with Kai Kln, Walrus, God Squad and countless others. Singer Dave also played with Victims Family / former Accolades drummer Tim Solyan, Hellbender / forrmer Accolades bassist Eric Lee, and Greg Clecak (from Clee) on guitar

Side note- you don’t see too many TDK D30’s out in the wild.

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Demo