The Bands that Stole X-Mas Out of Print CD: Christmas songs from local bands 1998

So the kids were demanding Christmas music in the car yesterday, so I put this on and made it about halfway through the second song before a bleeped out F word happened and I had to change it… but it made me wonder if this was on youtube yet. Nope. So here you go- all Sacramento bands doing either their own Christmas composition or a cover of a Christmas classic. I am tagging all of the band members who I am friends with- feel free to tag others.

1              –The Decibels    White Christmas               1:58

2              –Okra Pickles     Get Some Santa Claus     3:22

3              –Magnolia Thunderfinger             Deadbeat X-Mas              3:19

4              –The Brodys       Frosty The Snowman      2:22

5              –Hung (3)            T’was The Night Before Christmas             4:33

6              –Pocket Change (4)         Happy Christmas (War Is Over)  3:09

7              –Universal Groove          I Wanna Be A Reindeer  3:49

8              –Frank Jordan    Long Night          3:38

9              –Hurt (8)              The Grinch Who Stole Christmas               2:53

10           –Willknots           I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus             2:46

11           –Firepie               Christmas Folly  4:10

12           –Kozlo Swicky    Phil The Dentist 3:24

13           –Kaya    Silent Night         3:04

14           –Luckie Strike    My X-Mas           1:58

15           –Trunk  Blue Christmas  2:02

16           –Playground      Merry Christmas               1:51

17           –Solarface           Father Christmas              4:03

18           –Far       Do They Know It’s Christmas Featuring – Chino Moreno, Grady Avenell  4:54