Matthew Sweet- El Dorado Saloon, Sacramento 4/18/97 audio xfer from DAT Soundboard Master

I loved Sweet’s music in the 90s, and his live shows were incredible. Here is an hour and 45 minute concert from El Dorado with covers by The Kinks and David Bowie. The mix is decent for an Eldo board. I tried to look up his band for this tour and came up empty. I don’t recall Richard Lloyd being on board.
By the way, Matthew Sweet is coming back to Sacramento this Saturday at Harlow’s. I know that there is about 20 things on the calendar for that night, but you can’t go wrong seeing Matthew Sweet play.
PS: Thanks to Danny Ensele for his concert archives website- I had to use that site to get the date, then dig into the “dresser of 2,000 DATs” to find the tape.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Sony TCD-D7, most likely.

Audio Live Concert

Prayer Wheel- Unreleased Death Knell Record Spring 1997 mp3 xfer from master tapes

from drummer Eric Marias:
This is one my bands from a while back . Our last record. Its very different from the others . Final mix , unmastered , unreleased . Recorded in spring 97′ at Enharmonik studios. ERIC STENMAN captured our wierd dark mood perfectly. My favorite batch of songs we wrote . Noisy , heavy.. a tad menacing. We were listening to the Melvins and Tom Waits alot around this time amongst other things, and I can tell.#PRAYERWHEEL

Not sequenced. Have fun figuring out what song starts where…..that you can do on your on your own if time if you want to. Here are tracks in order . Last track was meant to be a hidden gem ?
1)STARFUCKER ( not a stones cover ! )
15) SACRAMENTO. This is meant to be the end. If sequenced it would have gone from 12 to SACRAMENTO

Audio Demo

Groovie Ghoulies- El Dorado Saloon, Sacramento 4/10/97 xfer from DAT Master Audio Rebalanced

Following up yesterday’s Shonen Knife post is the Groovie Ghoulies’ opening set from the same night. This is Dan Panic (from Screeching Weasel)’s first show with the Ghoulies! There is an inexplicable 2 minute cut (lost signal) at the beginning of the show that I edited out.
The rebalance in izotope made a huge difference in the quality of this one. This used to be a typical board mix- guitars and bass way back in the mix, lots of drums and vocals up front. Izotope was able to pull the guitar and bass up in the mix without making it sound funny. One of the better results I have had to date with the app.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D7
Transfer equipment: Sony PCM-R500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496
Rebalance in Izotope RX7 (Bass +6, Guitar +3)

Audio Live Concert

Shonen Knife- El Dorado Saloon, Sacramento Ca. 4/10/97 xfer from DAT Soundboard Master Rebalanced

Thanks to Brian Mckenna for the flyer image, it got me motivated to transfer the DAT of this show.
A somewhat funny story behind this one- I asked the soundman for permission to tape and he said “sure, as long as you don’t have a DAT”. Uhhh… luckily, I had the Marantz PMD430 in the backseat of the car. At this point, the Marantz deck was 10 years old and not really functional anymore. I think I lined the board feed into the marantz, and then out into my DAT which was hiding in my gear bag. Odd but effective, and it explains the cut at about 41:00 into the show.
I rebalanced it (maybe a little too much on the guitar) and it sounds pretty full.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D7
Transfer equipment: Sony PCM-R500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card
Rebalance in Izotope rx7 (Bass +6, Guitar +3)

Audio Live Concert

Old 97s- Hi Pointe, St. Louis Mo 4/5/97 xfer from 2nd gen VHS Enhanced Live Complete Full Concert

Here is the other show from that Old 97s VHS tape- this one RIPS. Man, I love this era of the band and I am so thankful to have seen them so much back then… but this may be my favorite 97s video from the ’90s. The lighting on stage is uneven so I just denoised the pic and left the lighting as is.
Oh, one other thing about the Stubb’s show from yesterday- I mentioned that Ken made mistakes at the beginning of the set. He let us know that he had a new guitar tech- first time out- and they totally screwed up the tuning the guitar. Haha, that must be a nightmare. I experienced that once in person- Girlschool in 2014.

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HRS9800 w/tbc and Canopus ADVC300
Enhanced (denoise) in Adobe Premiere, Neat Video

Live Concert Video