I loved Sweet’s music in the 90s, and his live shows were incredible. Here is an hour and 45 minute concert from El Dorado with covers by The Kinks and David Bowie. The mix is decent for an Eldo board. I tried to look up his band for this tour and came up empty. I don’t recall Richard Lloyd being on board.
By the way, Matthew Sweet is coming back to Sacramento this Saturday at Harlow’s. I know that there is about 20 things on the calendar for that night, but you can’t go wrong seeing Matthew Sweet play.
PS: Thanks to Danny Ensele for his concert archives website- I had to use that site to get the date, then dig into the “dresser of 2,000 DATs” to find the tape.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Sony TCD-D7, most likely.

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