Sacramento Audio Waffle #38 – Javalounge, Sacramento Ca. 5/27/12

This is the audio recordings from Sacramento Audio Waffle #38.
Recorded May 27, 2012 at Java Lounge, Sacramento, CA


released January 28, 2018

audio capture, editing,mastering, and produced by Lob Instagon
flyer design by Lob too.

all recordings rights are owned by the artists that made these sounds, any use for any reason, needs to be cleared with them first.

Audio Live Concert

Dean Wareham- Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco Ca. 5/11/12 Late Show HD Master

Wow, I just realized that this was not on the archive. I filmed and “anonymous” audiotaped. Sam Habash then combined the 2 sources and posted it on youtube, with my blessing. Awesome.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy(Video) & Anonymous (Audio)

Equipment Used: Canon HF200 (Video) & AK40 caps on a Neumann KM100 РEdirol R-44 (Oade CM) for Audio.

Thanks to Sam Habash for the audio/video synch.

Live Concert Video