Sorry for the late post today, but I had one hell of a time getting this enhancement to export. Then, once it was done and uploaded, it was in the middle of the ticketed Luna livestream event and posting it then would have been a total dick move. So, here’s your 9pm post.
We were so lucky to see Dean and Britta play 2 sets of Galaxie 500 songs in such a tiny club (capacity 100 or so). I found a nice little notch between the stage and the wall to film from and it worked out great. Since I was behind the PA, I synched up Anonymous’ audio via pluraleyes and it sounds killer now. I also brightened it a bit and denoised, as it was a bit dark, especially on Britta’s side of the stage. I might go back and re-do the late set as well– Sam (thehappyone) was kind enough to do an audio/video synch of that one many years ago, but the video was a bit dark.

Video Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HF200
Audio recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment used: AK40 -LC3- KM100 – R-44 (Oade CM) – WAV (24bit/48KHz)
Enhanced/denoise in Adobe Premiere/Neat Video
Audio/Video synch via pluraleyes 4.

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