I had meant to get this ready when Pierre’s gofundme started (to draw more people to it) but I kept getting sidetracked. R.I.P. Pierre.
This was the second time I ever saw NR, and it was once again at Gilman. I did not bring my video camera since I thought Karen Bemis would not give permission… but she was not with them and the band was totally fine with it. I was lucky enough to see them a few days later at Kennel Club and got that one on video. I audio taped this one through the soundboard with one of my pro decks- either the Sony WMD6C or the Marantz PMD430…. and it was a great mix.

Lots of covers for the encore, including a Johnny Cash song

Recorded by: I can’t remember and Shayne Stacy
Equipment used” Camcorder (video) and Sony WMD6C or the Marantz PMD430 (soundboard)
Rebalance (boost bass) by Shayne
Audio/Video synch by King Bean

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