Here’s another surprise from Kirk Janowiak today- a set from his & Marty Sertich’s side project The Upsets!

“Back in 1996 while Martin Sertich and I were heavily involved in our band Pocket Change, a couple of friends of ours, Andy Keogh and Nate Sponsler enticed us into joining in on their new rock n roll adventure ‘The Upsets’. The first original line up of The Upsets consisted of Andy Keogh on vocals, Nate Sponsler on lead guitar, John Sylvia on Bass, Martin Sertich on Guitar and I was on Drums. Logan Murray would soon replace John on Bass. The line-up of Andy, Nate, Martin, Logan and I played one of our first shows at The Press Club supporting Electric Frankenstein. Here is the full set from that gig. It is a bit rough towards the beginning of the set (we kind of butcher our cover of “I’m Stranded” by The Saints probably because we had a tough time hearing each other.) **Note special guest vocals by Pat “Rat’s Ass” Stratford from ‘Tales Of Terror’ on the song ‘Why?’ at about the 7:50 mark**.

Though we loved our time playing with The Upsets, Martin and I could not fully commit to them because we were still heavily involved with our main band Pocket Change. Eventually Martin would be replaced by Jesse Nichols on guitar and Sean Kehoe would replace me on drums. Later on Logan would be replaced by Ronnie Marshall on bass.”

Recorded by: ?

Transfer by: Kirk Janowiak

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