Recorded by: Tomzero, using Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics into a Sony WM-D6.

Transferred by: Tomzero, using his Nakamichi 682ZX, I’ve merely tracksplit and sharing as lossless 24 bit/48kHz FLACs.


For Sure
(same as 3:59 on Middle East Cambridge upstairs vid)
Don’t Ask
(same as 31:12 on the Middle East Cambridge downstairs vid)
Sour Grass
Puzzle Pieces
unknown ‘one of our newest songs’
Words & Smiles
Alien Space Song
You’re Sleeping
‘Take Me Away’
I Hate You
(same as song 15 on 1993-08-10 Slim’s)

Their penultimate SF show, they would only go on for a month or two more before calling it quits. Rose Melberg went onto play in Go! Sailor, The Softies, and her own acoustic projects. Heather continued on in music, but the other two seemed to have bee less active.

Several tracks remain unreleased, and others only have id’s based on Matt Hartman’s efforts in annotating the video performances.

This is a group that my friends loved back in the day and have passed this onto me, so hoping others also derive pleasure from hearing. Unfortunately, neither could make their final SF show in December 1993.


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