So this one has a bit of a story. My good friend Kirk Nelson (now known as captain fireball on DIME and such) came down to hang out in L.A. for a few days and catch some Meat Puppets shows. The first night was them opening for Stone Temple Pilots at Fairfax High, which was really cool to see. I’ll post video of that sometime soon.
The next night was this show. World Beat Center was this odd, all-ages venue that looked like some kind of art school/collective. I saw 2 shows there- this one and FEAR- and it had this unusual vibe for a punk venue. Not bad, just different. Maybe the puppets felt it too (or were feeling something else), because this is the most insane MP show I have ever witnessed.
First, they play a pretty long main set. Then, they came back for an encore which was a 10 minute noise jam with Dez Cadena and others. They even sound like they play a few bars of “Damaged” there for a bit. Everyone is switching instruments and it is pure insanity. Unfortunately, the show sounds like garbage. Kirk would usually audiotape with his DAT and I would video. He was plugged in, but something went wrong and there was no audio signal through the soundboard. This camera audio is the only audio that survived.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TR81 and stock mic

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