OK, this one is a but of a mystery. Radley labeled this one as “The Spark” from Gilman on 5/2/93, opening for the Jawbreaker set I posted yesterday. But The Spark is not on the flyer, and when I looked up The Spark on discogs/youtube, they sound nothing like this. It is pretty certain that this recording is from the same show- it has the same matrix sbd/aud sound. If anyone knows who this is, let me know
This is an example of one of those opening bands at Gilman that clears the room- there were so many openers like this. Now that I listen 30 years later, it doesn’t sound that bad and I applaud the diversity that Gilman had… but to my 20 year old punk rock ears, bands like these were awful.

Recorded by: Radley Hirsch

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