Last August, I went to visit Radley (1st full-time Gilman soundman 1987-1996?) at his home in San Francisco. We had a blast talking about music. It was funny, I have diverse musical tastes, but nothing like him. I would want to talk about some type of rock music, and he was throwing on high def audio CD’s of country albums.. which I also enjoy.
While I was there, he brought out a binder full of CD’s of shows he mixed and recorded at Gilman. I think this was a binder of the best ones, as the mix on most of these are better than your average Gilman mix. So, thanks to Radley and I hope you don’t mind me posting some of these on occasion.
This one sounds like it could be a matrix tape- I hear a lot of audience and boomy bass in there. The guitar and vocals were a bit buried so I fixed it up a little in Izotope.
Posting since Jawbreaker is touring, and we got to see them Sunday night.

Recorded/transfer/etc by: Radley Hirsch
Rebalance in Izotope by Shayne Stacy (vocal and guitar +3db)

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