This show was on a Sunday night, and I totally forgot about it. I was sitting on the couch, checking my feed and there it was. I threw my cameras in my bag and hauled ass from Orangevale to Oakland. I got there about 10min before the Radolescents took the stage!
This show is unique because their vocalist, Frank Agnew Jr, was sick and unable to perform. Rikk, Casey and Dan Colburn stepped in and filled in on vocals. It’s pretty funny to hear Casey do his best Tony Cadena impression, singing while playing drums.
They are coming to the Blue Lamp in Jan- go check them out! They do the Adolescents’ Blue Album + Welcome to Reality EP in full. Frank Jr. sounds a lot more like Tony than you would expect.
PS: I did 3 cameras of the show, but one was shut off by an audience member and the drum cam was poorly lit. The lights were extremely blue, so I corrected it a bit.

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