So with the help of Todd Pritchard (who tipped me off that the show was happening), I was able to score a ticket to one of the Coverups’ shows. It was a lot of fun- almost 2 hours of great cover songs. Plus, Tre Cool gets up on stage for a Foxboro Hot Tubs song, and Jason Beebout gets up there for one.
This was filmed with my Canon HFG40 and Rode Video Pro Stereo mic (that’s the one I am moving around), 1 gopro hero5 silver and 1 gorpo hero5 black. I had just bought the black from the gopro official refurb store on ebay… and it was faulty. There are many glitches from that one angle due to that gopro. My good friend Agelos still made the edit work, but it took a lot more effort to make it happen. Thanks Agelos. The gopros’ batteries conk out about halfway through, and someone with a camera on a tripod got front and center.. so the ending is not so good.
Oh, one last thing. I usually get permission to film bands, but they showed up and went right on stage. If the band wants this pulled down, please message me. Thanks!

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