Happy Monday everyone! Here is another newly edited show for you today. This one was funny- I was excited to see the Radolescents play and I had made loose plans to go. It was about 6pm (maybe later) on Sunday and I am checking my facebook feed… and the show was happening that night- it was already starting! I totally forgot about it!! I threw my gear into my bag and booked it over to Oakland (90+ minute drive) and got there right when they were preparing to take the stage.
The lighting is ridiculously blue- maybe for the blue album? Dunno, but that’s how it looked in the club. Frankie jr was sick, so the rest of the band picked up vocal duties. I was bummed because Frank sounds so good doing these songs. I was fun to see Casey sing the songs that he helped write so long ago.
Starts with 3 cameras, but one of the gopros by the stage gets clobbered about 10min in.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG40 with Rode Videomic Pro Stereo, 2x Gopro hero 4 silver
Edit by Tromster

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