I get daily emails with listings for local estate sales and most of them have the usual stuff- old cookware, vintage clothing & accessories, and general stuff that I don’t need. So I get this listing in my email last week and there are hundreds of photos of the usual things, and then toward the bottom there is a photo of an autographed Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom boys, along with a lot of other autographed memorabilia from people like John Denver. What the heck?
Work was nuts last week so I could not make it over there in time for the Buck Naked LP (dammit Robert Mckeown), but oh man what an amazing collection. I have never seen someone with such a deep collection of just a small handful of artists- personally autographed items from Alan Jackson, thanking “Laurie” for believing in him before he was popular; a ton of Chris Isaak autographed stuff, and these 4 8mm tapes that were by the door where you pay. I knew right away what they were and snapped them up.

Obviously filmed with permission

R.I.P. Laurie Vilarich and Jimmy Wilsey.

Recorded by: Laurie Vilarich
Equipment used: Sony MVCFD71 (I think- it was also for sale there)
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony EV-S2000 — Datavideo TBC-1000 — Tevion USB capture — Virtualdub
Enhanced in Adobe Premiere Elements/Neat Video

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