Here is a rare treat- back in October, Kepi hosted a couple of shows at the Side Door here in Sacramento. On the first night, he invited his long-time friends from Seattle– a band called Head from Seattle. I had never heard them before but Kepi had been friends with the band for about 30 years and if he recommends them, I’m all in. They were GREAT and after some research, it looks like they are highly regarded in the punk rock record collecting circles. I’m glad I got to check them out- thanks Kepi!
I had never filmed multicamera at Side Door before and I have even more respect for Eric Bianchi’s livestream multicamera wizardry from there- it’s a tough place to set up cameras onstage. Anyway, these 3 angles at least kinda turned out ok and where else are you going to find a 4k multicam of Head.

Video recorded by Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG60, Gopro Hero 7 black, Canon HFG50
Audio Recorded by: Shayne Stacy and anonymous
Equipment used: Sony PCM-M10 through the soundboard; Sony PCM-A10 with Schoeps MK4 Mics and preamp.
Audio Matrix by Anonymous
Edit by Tromster

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