Before I get into the story behind this one, I wanted to thank PD Larson for helping to secure permission to video this show. I really appreciated you taking time out of your busy schedule to help me out. Also thanks to Ryan, the TM/PM/Soundman for the band. Thanks to Bruce for the audience tape and thanks to Anonymous for the matrix work. Finally, thanks to Tromster for editing this together- it was a lot of work.
So I had bought a ticket for this show weeks before it happened, and then the biggest storm we have seen in the past few years was forecast to hit on this night. I almost blew the show off, but PD had already worked to get permission and that would have been a huge dickish move on my part, so I drove 3 hours through the worst of the storm to the show. It only got real scary a few times.
The video and audio turned out really nice. The only downside was that my gopros on stage conked out about 80-90min into the set, so you only get 2 cameras toward the end of the show. What a show- they played so many of my favorites including a Golden Smog song for the encore!
I am really proud of this one.

Video recorded by Shayne Stacy
Audio recorded by Shayne Stacy (soundboard with sonly PCM-M10) and Bruce (Schoeps MK4 I think)
Video Equipment: 2x Canon HFG50 (tripod on balcony and my monopod), 3x Gopro Hero 5 black on stage.
Matrix by Anonymous
Edit by Tromster

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