Jayhawks- The Chapel, San Francisco Ca 10/24/21 4K UHD Multicam with Soundboard Schoeps Matrix Audio

Before I get into the story behind this one, I wanted to thank PD Larson for helping to secure permission to video this show. I really appreciated you taking time out of your busy schedule to help me out. Also thanks to Ryan, the TM/PM/Soundman for the band. Thanks to Bruce for the audience tape and thanks to Anonymous for the matrix work. Finally, thanks to Tromster for editing this together- it was a lot of work.
So I had bought a ticket for this show weeks before it happened, and then the biggest storm we have seen in the past few years was forecast to hit on this night. I almost blew the show off, but PD had already worked to get permission and that would have been a huge dickish move on my part, so I drove 3 hours through the worst of the storm to the show. It only got real scary a few times.
The video and audio turned out really nice. The only downside was that my gopros on stage conked out about 80-90min into the set, so you only get 2 cameras toward the end of the show. What a show- they played so many of my favorites including a Golden Smog song for the encore!
I am really proud of this one.

Video recorded by Shayne Stacy
Audio recorded by Shayne Stacy (soundboard with sonly PCM-M10) and Bruce (Schoeps MK4 I think)
Video Equipment: 2x Canon HFG50 (tripod on balcony and my monopod), 3x Gopro Hero 5 black on stage.
Matrix by Anonymous
Edit by Tromster

Live Concert Video

Thurston Moore- The Chapel, San Francisco Ca. 12/16/19 Multicam with Matrix audio Sonic Youth Live

Here’s something totally different. My good friend Ted Mattes asked me if Tromster could do an edit of a Thurston Moore show that was audiotaped by Ted and video’d by his friend Catherine Leeā€¦ then Ted asked me if I could host it here on the Sac Music Archive. That was very nice- great collaboration!

Producer : Ted Mattes
Video : both cameras , Catherine Lee
Audio: Ted Mattes and Kirk Nelson, Matrix by Joe Noel
Edit by: Tromster

Live Concert Video

Dean Wareham Plays Galaxie 500 Today- The Chapel, San Francisco Ca. 7/15/17 LIVE

What a day this was. I got to the venue SUPER early and peeked through the front window and was surprised to see Dean setting up merch. I squeeze through the locked gate and get into the venue lobby- Dean was super nice. I was thrilled when they gave permission to shoot this video. On the downside, the show was sold out and the crowd was super annoying. There was a high percentage of handlebar moustached, skinny jeans wearing hipsters hanging about. One of them gave me an unsolicited poke in the midsection and commented on my weight. Who the hell does that? Anyway, the video turned out great. Filmed with a Canon HFG30 with Rode video pro stereo mic, a Canon HFG10 at the back of the venue, and a gopro hero4 on the side of the stage. Thanks to Sam Habash for the edit(his first edit ever!) and to Alex Kim for watching the back angle.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used:Canon HFG30, Canon HFG10, GoPro Hero4, Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic

Edited/Remixed By: Sam Habash

Additional help by: Alex Kim

Live Concert Video

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks- The Chapel, San Francisco, CA 10/1/16 4 cam multicam Pavement!

I think I told this story in the other posts- Scott Kannberg (Spiral Stairs) was celebrating his 50th. I was given permission to film, but was only given a tiny space to do so(just enough for my tripod)… so I made the most of it and filmed with 3 cameras from the same spot! It resulted in an odd multicam- I did my best to make the shots seem unique.
The person who edited this one, Richard Pearsall, found Dan Poppe’s footage (shot right at the stage) and edited it with my other 3 cameras. Thank you! Much better

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy, Dan Poppe

Equipment Used: Canon HFG30 x2, Canon HFG10, and Dan’s camera.

Edit by: Richard Pearsall

Live Concert Video

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks- The Chapel, San Francisco Ca. 10/1/16 Pavement Complete Multicam

his one has a somewhat funny story. I got the ok to film from Scott(Spiral) but only from 1 angle. Since the show was packed, the club stuck me in this corner by the soundboard. I had 3 cameras, so why not use them? This is the first(and probably only) multicam that I will do, which all 3 angles are filmed fromt he exact same spot. Kinda cheesy, but I tried to make each angle unique.
HUGE thanks to Richard Pearsall for stepping in and doing the full edit of the show!
Filmed with 2 Canon HFG30s(one on tripod, one monopod operated by me) and 1 Canon HFG10(mounted to the pole). Audio via Rode video pro stereo mic. Encore has a bunch of pavement songs.

Live Concert Video