This is a live capture from the audience at the 2017 end of the year “Random Trios” show for the Nebraska Mondays series at Luna’s Cafe in Sacramento, CA. this happening is hosted by Ross Hammond.

How it works is that musicians are invited…everyone comes with gear.. their names are put into a hat (yes, an actual hat) and 3 names are drawn out at a time and those people play an impromptu improvisational set on the spot for 10-15 mins…this year there were 28 players.. 9 trios and one quartet at the end (a mini Instagon set) all for the support of one of the longest running jazz series in the Sacramento area.

These recordings are posted here for FREE DOWNLOADS.. so that EVERYONE involved can get to them and download for free… I hope you enjoy them.. thanks for a great night.

released December 26, 2017

Hosted by Ross Hammond & Luna’s Cafe.
Recorded Live at Luna’s Cafe, Sacramento, CA, Dec. 18, 2017 at the Nebraska Mondays weekly series.
Recording captured and edited by Lob Instagon, using a ZoomH4 recorder, and Adobe Audition for editing.
All photos by Russ Tucker

players involved with these recordings in alphabetical order:

Luis Albert Clifford Childers
Victor Contreras
Kimberly Dunning
Alan Ernst
Jim Frink
Clark Goodloe
Chris Grant
Christopher Hall
Ross Hammond
Linda Michelle Hardy
Lob Instagon
Robert Kuhlmann
Colette McCaslin
Kenneth Martin
Thomas Monson
Tim Onorato
Lynn Michael Palmer
Tony Pasarrell
Gerry Pineda
Heath Proskin
Amy Reed
Alex Reiff
Rent Romus
Jack Stanfill
John Vaughn
Gino Videche
Dana Wendel
Joshua Wisterman




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