I have been meaning to fix this one up for a while. Since it was St. Patrick’s day, the club decided to make the lights on the band ALL GREEN which I am sure seemed funny at the time, but did not make for good video. The audio in the original version was lacking since I was behind the PA, plus I was using the mic that was wired wrong. Luckily my best friend Anonymous was there with his (now MY) DPA 4061 mic rig so it sounds much better too.
This was my last time seeing the 3 groovie ghoulies perform together. It makes me a little sad to see this, but thankful to have seen them so much… plus this Haints set is awesome.
Anonymous also recorded The Haints’ set a month later at Capitol Bowl in West Sacramento.

Video Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Video equipment used: Panasonic Pro AG-DVC30 Camcorder
Audio recorded by: Anonymous
Audio Equipment used: Edirol R-09 and DPA4061 Mics
Enhancements (color correction, denoise) in adobe premiere elements and neat video
Audio/Video synch via Pluraleyes 4

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