In tape nerd circles, they sometimes do a thing called a flood, where people post a bunch of stuff by 1 artist in honor of them. I don’t have the bandwidth to do a flood, but it will be a more of a light shower, with (hopefully) more than 1 post per day. I’ll do as many as I can in this week.

Here is the late set of the show I posted yesterday. I had planned to post both of these together but the mix on this one changes so much that I could not use the same settings. The guitar gets REAL loud for the 2nd half of the set. I tried to adjust it so you could hear guitar for the 1st 25min but also hear anything other than guitar for the last 25.

Really cool set with a bunch of covers- I just randomly clicked in to make sure the upload worked and they were doing The Long Ryders’ “Looking for Lewis and Clark”. Wow.

Recorded by: Marcus Winfree (I think- I know I got it from the guy who taped it)
Equipment used: DAT recorder in soundboard
Rebalance by Shayne in Izotope Rx8 (Bass +,4 Drums +1, Guitar +2)
Photo by Allan Hayslip

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