Jess Barr, Slobberbone guitarist, passed away Monday night at the age of 46. To say that this is devastating doesn’t seem to be enough.
I got to see Slobberbone play w/Jess 7 times from 2000-2003- in Berkeley, Sacramento and Chico. If they came within 2 hours of Sacramento, I was there. I even got to help bring them to Sacramento (thanks to Chalres Twilling) a couple of times. He was a force on the guitar and was a great showman- he even endured the beat to hell banjo that he would need to play every night.
After Jess left slobberbone, I did not hear much about him. I know that he opened up a bar and had a family, but not much more than that. It was comforting knowing that such a great talented guy seemed to be doing what he wanted, on his terms. It is such a shock to lose him so young.
I wanted to get a video ready today, but it isn’t cooperating so I’ll pull from the 71(!) live audio concerts I have. Let’s make this Jess week- I’ll post a week of slobberbone and Drams stuff in honor of the man.

Recorded by: Marcus Winfree (I think- I know I got it from the guy who taped it)
Equipment used: DAT recorder in soundboard
Rebalance by Shayne in Izotope Rx8 (Bass +5, Drums +1, Guitar +6)
Photo by Allan Hayslip

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