A couple months back, my old friend Gary Shurtleff(fromthenosebleeds yt channel) dropped off about 50 of his 8mm master tapes for transfer. I got through all of them and discovered that the PC I was using was glitching – just a few frames per tape but enough to make it imperfect… so I brought back the old Dell T3500 workstation and it took care of these, no problem. It sucked doing them twice but worth it in the long run.
Gary gave me the OK to post all of the Sacramento-based shows. I plan to enhance them before posting. Here’s the first one. AC/DC came to the much-hated Arco Arena Sac on their Ballbreaker tour in 96. It looks like there might a bit missing, as an audio recording of this show is over 2 hours.
Anyway, enjoy. Thanks Gary!

Recorded by: Gary Shurtleff
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony DCR-TRV340 into workstation via firewire
Enhanced in Adobe Premiere/Neat Video (degrain)

1) Back in Black
2) Shot Down in Flames
3) Thunderstruck
4) Girls Got Rythm
5) Cover You in Oil
6) Shoot to Thrill
7) Boogie Man
8) Hard as a Rock
9) Hells Bells
10) Down Payment Blues
11) The Jack
12) Ballbreaker
13) Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution
14) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
15) You Shook Me All Night Long
16) Whole Lotta Rosie
17) TNT
18) Let There Be Rock
19) Hail Ceasar
20) Highway to Hell
21) For Those About to Rock

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