This one is a nice memory- Cameron, my first son had just been born the day before and I had been at the hospital for a few days straight. I ran home to get some rest and Rodney was on, announcing that Ride was going to be live in the studio. I hit record on the DAT machine and crashed out. I am so glad I recorded this because it is awesome! Many songs acoustic.
The highlight of this one is when 2 teenage girls call in and they are bickering back and forth while on the air! Ride (I think it was Andy) asks them “have you ever heard of Beavis and Butthead (because they sounded a lot like them) and they did not get the joke at all! It was hilarious!!
Anyway, I can’t recall if I ever traded this, so it may be uncirculated.
I hated a lot of things about L.A. when I lived there, but radio and live music scene was excellent.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy onto DAT in LP mode
Equipment used: Sony DTC690

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