About a month ago, Jed Brewer was offering up CD’s of his band Thornucopia. I received mine late last week- thank you Jed! It took media mail A MONTH to get it here (from Davis to Orangevale) and they broke the CD jewel case about 4 different ways… but it got here.

Here are the members:
Jed Brewer – Guitar
Nick Frederick – Bass
Johanna Galos (Kyser) – Vocals
Brian Grattidge – Drums
Justin Zimmerman – Guitar

and here is the tracklist:
1 I’m A Freak 4:00

2 The Hole 3:16

3 Dry July 4:41

4 Hollywood 4:03

5 Bric-A-Brac 1:50

6 Lullaby 4:01

7 The Peacock Killer 3:18

8 B-Side 3:39

9 Superman 3:46

10 Norton 3:24

11 Teena 2:45

12 Quiero Fuego 3:56

13 Thorn Cafe Orchestra 3:28

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