Ahhh, I am slammed with work once again and Eddie already did a write up. Thanks Eddie!

Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Namakichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Here’s what Eddie has to say:
Today’s soundtrack:
Horsey – Fear Is Not Respect demo (1993)

My favorite unsigned band from San Francisco until they ultimately got signed to Invisible for two records.

They toured with Pigface and played with so many of my favorite bands.

My band, God Squad, played with them at Juanita’s in Chico. The band literally burned the building down.

When we had a Caroline Records promotion at Valley Media Distribution (via my favorite sales rep James Cho), I sold the most records at my national accounts by 1000 plus and my sell-through was equally strong. Made sure the right independent record retail stores had at least one copy of Horsey’s ‘Swarm’ while they were on tour. It worked.

If you know who the band is, please share a poster / image / story.

HORSEY Discography:

Singles & EPs
Underbelly / Energy ‎(7″) Smelly Records SR-04 (1993)
Split with Glazed Baby ‎(7″) Imminent Rock IROC 001 (1994)

Fear Is Not Respect ‎(Cassette) HOR 001 (1993)
Diet Of Worms ‎(CD, Album) Invisible INV 037 (1994)
Swarm ‎(CD, Album) Invisible INV 050 (1996)

Pigface, Evil Mothers, Horsey – Route 666 Deathtrip Tour Sampler CD ‎ Invisible INV 029P (1994)


“Horsey was an early to mid-90s experimental noise rock / post-punk band from San Francisco. They released a 7-inch and self-released a cassette in 1993 before signing to Chicago’s Invisible Records, a premier industrial label, in ‘94. Though they weren’t really a full-on industrial band, they exuded the subversive ethos of one, revealing the sordid underbelly of American society, and humanity in general, using deep and heavy basslines and heavy, abrasive drums. Unique and eerie mid-90s industrial stuff from San Francisco.”

Fan Review of ‘Diet Of Worms’ by Horsey.
” I saw Horsey open for Deftones. I had never heard of Horsey before that night and I shall never forget. Best live set from an unknown band I ever saw. Horsey was hardcore. They had magic, and it all gets captured on this CD. They band imploded after 1 more album (info is hard to come by) but the drummer ended up playing with Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine for a few years it seems (2008 to 2012).”

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