So here is something- I taped this show 30 years ago yesterday, and I don’t recall ever trading it out to anyone. When I pulled it from the cassette case, it was rewound and looked untouched. This one is probably uncirculated.
We tried to get permission to video that night, but it was a no-go from the bands so I snuck the PMD430 (which is HUGE) into the video bag and popped the Nakamichi mic (which is HUGE) out of the corner of the bag, pointing right at the PA. It turned out pretty nice!
I am just learning that Lush was at Cattle the night before and hung out with people and got drunk… and ran up a big bar tab. They even mention it during this recording. So awesome. Brian, just curious- did you guys comp them the drinks, or did it come out of their paycheck the next night? 🙂
This one is for Karen Simmons, who had a good friend (Chris) in the band.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Marantz PMD430 (like a Sony WMD5) and Makamichi CM300 mic… I think.

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