Here is one that I have been trying to get done for YEARS. I have had 2 video sources (my master and one shot from the soundbooth) plus a master soundboard for many years. We recently found a stage angle and we thought that we had a way to get the full show from that angle, but it appears to be gone… so what we have here is:
3 camera multicam for the first 5ish minutes
2 camera multicam for the next 40 minutes.
Just my angle and the soundboard audio for the last 5-10min.

Dealing with these analog audio & video sources makes it a nightmare to synch, so I wanted to thank King Bean for the soundboard to my video synch, and Liam Dennis for the multicam edit from there. What a team!

Video Recorded by: Shayne Stacy, I can’t remember (soundbooth), and the singer from resist and exist(stage)
Audio recorded by: Anonymous
Audio Video synch by King Bean
Multicam edit: Liam Dennis
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 for master video, House deck for soundboard
Transfers by: Shayne Stacy with usual equipment (nakamichi dragon etc)

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