I debated posting anything today, in light of the crisis that we are experiencing in Sacramento. I hope all of my friends are safe. I stayed up until 2am watching the feeds.. absolutely heartbreaking.

This is what is so cool about this hobby. I mentioned in a post that I was having difficulty getting some old analog sources to synch- Pluraleyes won’t read old crappy camera audio from 1988 to synch the soundboard audio properly. It just errors out. Brendan from new zealand read my post and reached out to me out of the blue and offered to synch the sources together. I warned him that syncing 2 analog sources was a HUGE pain in the ass… which he did confirm later (he had to do it song by song). 🙂

So what I guess I am trying to say is that we all have more in common than not; and we can’t continue to allow these divide and conquer tactics to be effective. I think that just about all of us really ARE anti fascist, if you think about the true definition and history of the term. I just had a guy contact me and work for hours because we have a punk band in common. I bet we can find something in common with just about anyone. We need to join together and fight power. Thanks Brendan.

Recorded by: Anonymous with Shayne Stacy’s camera
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 camcorder
Soundboard taped through house cassette deck, Digitized with Nakamichi Dragon
Video Enhancement/degrain in Adobe Premier Elements w/Neat Video
Audio/Video Synch by Brendan

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