Dimple was my first record store. I went to the Roseville store back when it was next to almond tree on harding. I think that’s where they really started to grow- the record store + the arcade next door(Starcade) was the place to be in the burbs in the early 80s.
I rented records and bought a Judas priest poster as some of my first purchases there. I found Riot’s Fire Down Under there and I think it was my first LP purchase from there.
This is a massive loss to the Sacramento area.
This video exists thanks to my good friend (for over 30 years) Jim Utz. We were video tape traders in the 80s and we each decided to do a video tour of our hometowns. He did St. Louis, and I did Roseville/Sacramento. Man, it is great to see some of this. More to come.
Recorded by: Shayne Stacy & John Conley

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