OK, I am stretching the rules of the Sac Music Archive a bit. I did not tape this, it is not a sacramento based band, but there is a story behind it…

There are a couple of events that really motivated me to save for 5 MONTHS (working for $6 an hour) to buy a video camera. One was borrowing a rented video camera from Attitude to film RKL at Gilman on 1/16/88. The other one was seeing Operation Ivy and Isocracy on new years 1988(12/31/87). Op ivy instantly became my favorite band.

So on a Friday, I get off work with my $650 and go to Montgomery Ward to buy a video camera. The sales guy tells me that the Aiwa that I picked out can film for “about 2 hours” on a battery pack. So I charge the battery and shoot down to Gilman to film Op Ivy’s return show, from their US tour in Mar-Apr 1988.
I film one of the opening bands- Neighborhood Watch, then I turn on my camera to film op ivy. The battery is dead. I plug my camera in from the back of the venue and did not like filming from back there, so I shut it off. So, no video of this show but here is a nice sbd. This is probably a better quality version than the bootlegs that surfaced of this show.
Lineage: Radley Hirsch’s Hifi VHS master-“Anonymous” cassette, xfer with Nakamichi Dragon.

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