This one has a story. I saw the 12/31/87 show with Isocracy, Operation Ivy and others and decided that I needed to buy a video camera and document the scene. Then RKL played Gilman on 1/16/88 and I borrowed Wayne Vanderkuil’s rental camera and used it to film RKL. From that point on, I saved every penny I had, making $5 or 6 an hour, to buy a video camera. It took 4 months to save up, but on 5/6/88 I went to Montgomery Ward and bought an Aiwa CV-80. The picture quality was far super than any others at that price ($600). Little did I know that the camera sucked in low light and the picture would be grainy as hell. Oh well.
The camera came with 1 battery pack. I ask the Ward’s salesguy how long I can film on 1 battery. “About 2 hours, I think”. So I go home, charge the battery and head to Gilman to film Operation Ivy’s homecoming show from their US tour. Since the battery was good for 2 hours, I decided to film one of the openers- Neighborhood watch. It turned out pretty good!
Operation ivy comes up and I power on my camera… and the battery is dead. I go to the back of the warehouse to plug it in but I could not get a good angle.
So that’s the story of why there is a neighborhood watch video and no op ivy video from this date.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 and stock mic

Transfer equipment: Sony DCRTRV270(I think)- firewire into PC

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