This was also on the Government Issue tape. I was hoping that this was Zack De La Rocha from Rage Against the Machine’s early hardcore band. I was wondering if they made it out to Detroit… alas, this is not that Inside Out. Here’s what Discogs has to say about this Inside Out band:
“Inside Out (Detroit USA) are an all-female power trio who formed in 1985, and specialised in a brand of hardcore punk / grunge / psychedelia in the vein of female grunge bands such as Babes in Toyland and L7. They released a number of singles in the period 1990 – 93, along with 2 LPs. The singles were on Meantime Records, Icon Records and Anti-Music Records. The LPs were both released by Meantime Records. The band also recorded a Peel Session for Radio 1 DJ John Peel.”

Recorded by: Russ Gibb and crew
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used- one time only!: SONY SL-HF900 – Datavideo TBC-100 – Tevion capture unit – Virtualdub
Enhanced (denoise) in adobe premiere/neat video

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