Here is another one from the Russ Gibb archive. I bought a hi-band super beta machine from Japan to play these (and other tapes) back. I start with this tape and the machine dies after playing the tape. The tape is stuck in the unit and this is all I have to show for it. Shout out to the Ebay seller for taking care of the problem. I just received the same model (US version) yesterday, so the beta transfer party will continue.
Anyway, this is just amazing footage of GI. The only downside is that they played so loud, you can’t hear Stabb’s vocals from the stage. The cameraman moves to the back of the room at the end of the set and it sounds much better. They keep losing power to the stage as well. Typical punk show.

Recorded by: Russ Gibb and crew
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used- one time only!: SONY SL-HF900 – Datavideo TBC-100 – Tevion capture unit – Virtualdub
Enhanced (denoise) in adobe premiere/neat video

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