Page Three was a highly-anticipated pop ensemble when it debuted on St. Louis new wave scene in the spring of 1983. Formed by scene regulars Bob Kuhlmann and George Schneller out of the ashes of their beloved power-pop trio Dear John, Page Three combined 60’s pop-inspired sensibility with a stripped-down, hard- edged attack of then-new bands like Joy Division, New Order and Scars. The band also included ex-Ray Milland guitarist Randy Erickson and drummer Kevin Brueseke who kept time with numerous local scene pioneers such as The Cameros, Surgery, Oui-Oui Twins, and the Obvious.

George Schneller – (bass, vocals)
Bob Kuhlmann – (guitars, vocals))
Randy Erickson – (guitars)
Kevin Brueseke – (drums)

Here is a post from a new collection of tapes sent to me by Robert Kuhlmann. There were a bunch of OLD beta tapes in the box- some looked like there may be issues with transferring, but we were able to get them all off the tapes without major issues. Great 80’s alternative/new wave.
Thanks Robert for trusting me with the tapes, and allowing me to post these!

Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony SL-HF900
Datavideo TBC1000 – Tevion USB Adapter — Virtualdub
Enhanced (degrain) in Adobe Premiere Elements and Neat Video

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