Vinnie Guidera & The Dead Birds cover The Misfits: Vinnie’s House, Sacramento October 2021

In the before times, Sean Hills would hold a Halloween covers show at the Press Club and Vinnie Guidera (and the Dead Birds) would play a set of Misfits songs. It was always a good time with a lot of singing along. Since that’s not happening this year (Press Club is gone from that location now, too), the band was kind enough to post this online for you all. Multicamera edited and all!

Recorded by: the band
Edit by: The band

Live Performance Video

The Misfits- Aftershock Festival, Discovery Park, Sacramento Ca 10/9/21 Audio Only DPA4061 Mics

Sac music archive correspondent “frenchonionsoupandkittylitter” checks in with a post for today:
So the Misfits played Aftershock on Saturday- this was the second time that I got to see them by accident- I had bought tickets to the fest already when MCR cancelled and they were named as the Saturday headliner. So lucky.
The show was the typical Misfits set. I don’t know what happened, but Glenn threw the mic down early in the set and walked off the stage, then came back on immediately. Jerry Only smashed his bass in apparent frustration as well. I guess things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows in Misfits Land, even with all of that shared Festival and Hot Topic merch money!
The mix starts out a little bass heavy but balances out about 10-15min in.
The picture is during their setup for the set- one of the evil pumpkins took a little tumble.
Video forthcoming- it took too long to upload overnight so I had to kill the job. Probably video this weekend or so.
Thanks, FOSAKL!

Recorded by: frenchonionsoupandkittylitter
Equipment used: Sony PCM-A10, DPA4061 Mics, Church Audio preamp
Normalized in Sony Soundforge 10

Audio Live Concert

The Original Misfits- Aftershock Festival, Sacramento Ca 10/9/21 4K UHD Complete w DPA Audio Danzig

frenchonionshoupandkittylitter check in once again with a nice Misfits video. There seems to be some discord in Misfits land- Glenn drops the mic and walks off stage at the 4-5 minute mark, Jerry Only smashes his bass in apparent frustration, and Danzig’s intro of the band is hilariously callous. Oh well, glad FOSAKL got nice video.

Recorded by: FOSAKL
Equipment used: Unknown, but it looks like one of those Lumix ZS70s with DPA mic audio synched via pluraleyes.

Live Concert Video

The Misfits-Psycho Fest, Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas NV 8/17/19 4k UHD Master Live

So this guy named “frenchonionsoupandkittylitter” dropped this video on me today. It looks like he filmed The Misfits’ entire 85 minute set from this past weekend in 4K UHD! The first few minutes are a bit rough, but once he settles down, this could be the best misfits reunion vid out there. This was definitely not a cell phone vid- it is done with a camera that has a killer zoom capability- possibly a Lumix ZS70.

This one is for Kevin Seconds because I know he is a HUGE FAN.

Thanks FOSAKL!

Live Concert Video

The Misfits- MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas NV 12/28/17 Close Version

This magically appeared in my inbox. I have no details. I do know it is the full set with high quality audio!

The video is not great, but it appears to be the only complete video document of the show, due to tight security.

There are 2 versions of the video- this is the close up version. The other version of the video is distant, but the entire stage is visible. Take your pick.

Recorded by: Unknown

Equipment used: Unknown

Live Concert Video