Sac music archive correspondent “frenchonionsoupandkittylitter” checks in with a post for today:
So the Misfits played Aftershock on Saturday- this was the second time that I got to see them by accident- I had bought tickets to the fest already when MCR cancelled and they were named as the Saturday headliner. So lucky.
The show was the typical Misfits set. I don’t know what happened, but Glenn threw the mic down early in the set and walked off the stage, then came back on immediately. Jerry Only smashed his bass in apparent frustration as well. I guess things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows in Misfits Land, even with all of that shared Festival and Hot Topic merch money!
The mix starts out a little bass heavy but balances out about 10-15min in.
The picture is during their setup for the set- one of the evil pumpkins took a little tumble.
Video forthcoming- it took too long to upload overnight so I had to kill the job. Probably video this weekend or so.
Thanks, FOSAKL!

Recorded by: frenchonionsoupandkittylitter
Equipment used: Sony PCM-A10, DPA4061 Mics, Church Audio preamp
Normalized in Sony Soundforge 10

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