The Knockoffs- Bojangles, Sacramento Ca. 6/25/99 Roland MX5 Mix DAT Sbd Master

Here is another one of those Roland MX5 mixes that I used to do. I took the raw mix (you can hear the raw mix at the beginning, I start messing with it at about 50 seconds in) and boosted guitars and panned them in each channel. I screw up and guitars are a bit too loud at 3min, but I fix it eventually. Great sloppy show by the knockoffs. I must have been late to the show, as it cuts in and ends at 23min. Really enjoyable at 12min onward.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Roland MX5


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The Knockoffs – Cinemania, Sacramento, CA 01-08-99

The Knockoffs – Cinemania, Sacramento, CA 01-08-99

Here’s the Knockoffs set at the “Goodbye, Cruel World” compilation tape release party at Cinemania. Cinemania was a video store located on J St. in midtown Sacramento that was ran by Leesa and R.J. from the Creamers that specialized in cult horror & exploitation video rentals. They kindly let me host a listening party/acoustic show at their place for my third tape compilation on Bat Guano Productions. Mynock, Secretions, Milhouse SMF and Riff Randals also played.

I Want A Monkey
Fuck I’m Hungry
No Offense But I Love You
Rock And Roll All Nite
Brand New Day
Rumble In The Housing Project
Borstal Breakout

The Knockoffs:
Tom Hutchison – Guitar, Vocals
Danny Secretion – Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Jordan – Bass, Vocals
Big Tom Amberson – Drums

Recorded by: loserlist69
Equipment Used: cheap tape recorder.



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The Knockoffs – Live In Studio A, KDVS Radio, Davis, CA 07-06-95 (Audio Only)

Here’s a live radio performance of the Knockoffs on “Live In Studio A” on KDVS Radio in Davis, CA. This is a recording of the early lineup of the Knockoffs with Tom Hutchison on bass, Tim White on guitar and Tom Amberson on drums.


01. Rumble In The Housing Project
02. Close But No Cigar
03. No Offense But I Love You
04. Deathwish
05. Beautiful World
06. That One Song
07. Betty Can’t Hold Her Liquor
08. Goin’ Nowhere
09. Pretty In Pink
10. Kicked Out Of School
11. Theme From “Hart To Hart”
12. Gotta Black Eye
13. Loser Like Eye
14. Drive Drive Drive
15. Blue’s Theme/Helium Bar
16. Woman (fragment)


Tom Hutchison – Bass, Vocals
Tim White – Guitar, Vocals
Tom Amberson – Drums

Live FM Radio Broadcast

Recorded by: Ken Doose

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