Since I had posted about a million audio shows in a row, I checked the list to see if I could put some actual moving pictures up here…
I was sad to see that there are no posts from Plea for Peace on the archive. I only went to this show there- on the venue’s closing night- to see The Knockoffs play an unannounced show. The funny thing is that many of my good friends now (Jordan Wolfe, Bear Williams, Anthony Lew, Lory Gilpatric, Matt Bennett and Charles Albright) were playing the show but I did know them OR the bands back then! I was so out of it.
One of the reasons why I did not post this back in 2013 was due to the audio quality. There was something wrong with the PA that night- it was not very loud, but SUPER “squelchy”. It made my ears ring badly after the show, even without the volume. This was The Knockoffs first show back after a years-long layoff. It was a secret warmup show in preparation for the headlining punch and pie 20th anniversary show the following weekend. Great show and who knew that you could stick guitar picks on Tom’s head like that?

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Canon HFM30 or HF200 (can’t remember)

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