Another bonus post. I had family stuff until 8:30 last night so I got to the Golden Bear as quickly as I could, but missed almost all of Blizzard of Al’s set.. which is unfortunate because what I heard was really good. Damn. This is the debut of the new(to me) Schoeps CCM4 microphone setup that I got last week. Man, do they sound good. Thanks to Keith Kreider for selling them to me- love them already.
By the way, you might hear me talking at the start of this. Someone kindly told me that I had a tag hanging off of my hat and since I am socially awkward, I had to tell him the entire story of WHY it was there. Anyway, the hat is a keeper and the tag is coming off.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Schoeps CCM4 mics, Naiant Tinybox preamp, Somy A10 digital recorder

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