I hope everyone is surviving the endless rain- I woke up this morning and the backyard was a pond once again- I did not even hear the storm!
Here is a new set of multicams from a show at Harlows back in October. First band up was one of the most established in the local scene- I was puzzled as to why they were opening the show, but glad to see them play a room like Harlow’s. The club is lit well enough to see Lory when she jumps into the pit to sing.
My only regret/mistake with this one is with the audio matrix. I mixed Lori’s vocals a bit too low and it bugs me a bit. I might re-do the audio on this one and re-post. You know, in my “spare time”

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HF G60 on monopod, Canon HF G50 on the pole, 3 Gopro Hero 7 black on stage; Sony PCM-M10 through soundboard.
Audio matrix by Shayne, using Rode Videomic Pro Stereo (on G50) plus soundboard
Edit by Tromster, of course!

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