After 7 Seconds’ GREAT set (best of the Texas tour in my opinion), I had to get to the stage and tear down all of my gopros and the stands, and in the process I managed to misplace my monopod. Thankfully, it turned up the next day- that monopod ain’t cheap! I saw Kevin and Bobby out on the sidewalk outside of the venue, so I hung out and talked to them for a while after the show. By the time I went back in, Circle Jerks were already about halfway through their set and it was super packed in there so I could not get close enough to the PA main to make it sound good. Here’s what I got. It’s not bad.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: DPA4061 mics, Church Audio preamp, Sony PCM-M10
EQ and volume boost in Sony Sound Forge 10

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