I am in Texas, filming every 7 Seconds show of the Circle Jerks/7 Seconds and Negative Approach tour there. I don’t usually put up show fragments, but I only have my work laptop so I can’t bring the entire angle together. Don’t have the tools. I saw that Kev did not live stream and this was the best crowd I had seen of the tour so far, so I figured I’d give a taste. I did 4 angles that will be edited together soon. Fwd to 4:50 to see the crowd go nuts during “Young ’til I die” and even 99 red baloons!
I also put it up because the Westin tried to argue with me about how internet works… so I clogged up their hotel internet with this 5gb file. Man, I hate bougie hotels. At least the bed was nice, I was exhausted.
Anyway, thanks to Kev and the band for always being so nice to me and my camera (s).. for over 30 years. Always being cool even when a lot of others weren’t.
Edits coming soon so subscribe if you want to see them.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Gopro Hero 7 Black

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