What a wild night. I was on vacation doing family stuff and I get to the club super late. Across the street from the venue is 2 biker bars and there are literally HUNDREDS to harley davidsons lined up and people packed in the bars and flowing out onto the street. I got lucky and found a parking spot right next to one of the bars and across the street from the venue.
I get in there and this is the punkest punk club I have been to in years- dank and humid, graffiti everywhere, and the drink selection consisted of PBR, Miller and Coors light. I talk to the soundman about plugging into the board and he tells me that the outputs are blown- there is no way to get a board mix. So instead, I settle into an area that should be safe from the pit and a good place for audio… and then that side of the PA starts smoking. The soundman assures me that it is working fine, but when Blaine starts checking the mic, nothing is coming out of that main.
So I scramble over to the other side of the stage and get close to the PA, hoping I get decent audio. Nope- it was garbled and distorted. So instead of a board mix, or the rode video pro stereo mic, you get Canon HFG50 stock audio. I tried.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HF G60, Canon HF G50, Gopro Hero 7 black x3.
Edit by Tromster

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