TLDR Version: This band is GREAT and you should go see them play at Cafe Colonial tomorrow night 8/15.

So my friend Pat Hills (Earthtone Studios) asked me to come out and video the debut performance of his band, Feral Season. They released an album in February but I totally missed out. Man, this band is great. Beautiful, dark, haunting music segues into melodic black metal. As good, if not better than the touring Swedish black metal bands I have seen.
Pat recorded a multitrack of the show and put together what might be the best sounding live mix I have ever heard from a multitrack pull. Damn, it is so good.
Anyway, please listen and go to the show. They open the show, so ” can’t stay out late on a work night” is not a valid excuse!
The camera auto-exposed to a level that was way too bright- I fix it about 3min in. It is red and dark (as it should be) from there on out.

Video recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HF G60 and Rode videomic Stereo Pro
Audio recorded & Mixed by Pat Hills
Audio/Video synch in pluraleyes 4

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