The Radolescents came to Sac as part of their Winter Blunderland tour earlier this month and it was a blast. I got to hang outside (merch sales are outside on the sidewalk) and talk to Casey, John, Frank Jr. and Dan for a bit. I got to hear some mid-90s D.I. stories. They were selling some Adolescents demos and a soundboard CD of their 3/22/91 show that Todd Nakamine shot, and a DVD of some old stuff from Rikk’s collection. Fun night!

Video Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment used: Canon HFG60, 2 Gopro hero 5 black

Audio recorded by: Anonymous

Equipment used: Schoeps MK4, Aerco Preamp

Enhanced in Adobe premiere elements/neat video

Edit by Tromster

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