Before I get into the story of this show, I wanted to make sure everyone is aware that Barbara Manning is playing with 28th Day tomorrow night (6/18) at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco! See comments for ticket link if you are interested.
I could not believe my eyes when this show was announced- Barbara playing with the SF Seals for the first time in a LONG time (20 years? 25?), and it was announced that she was playing the entire “One Perfect Green Blanket” album. Even though this landed on my daughter’s birthday AND we had an early morning flight on the 21st, I moved mountains to make this show. Don’t worry, my daughter had a wonderful birthday on the 19th.
While I was at the show, I saw someone there with a Magnolia Mountain shirt on. That was surprising, as they are not from California and not very well known. I approach the (masked) man with the shirt and tell him “you know, I am on this online forum called Postcard and the guy from that band is on there”… then I realize it’s Mike Mayer (Berkeley Mike) who is also on Postcard! Thankfully, Mike was audio taping and his audio came out best, so it is used here.
Anyway, a great show and I am so happy to see SF Seals again- I had not seen them since 1992!

Video Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon G50 (x2), Gopro Hero 5 black (x3)
Audio Recorded by: Bmike
Edit by Tromster

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