This is probably going to be long. Anonymous and I flew to Austin for a weekend of shows & BBQ a couple years back. It was a total blast and I can’t wait to get back to trips like these.
This one has taken a while because we we waiting on multitrack audio from the house soundman that night. Michael Crow went above and beyond, following up with him for over A YEAR to get the hard drive. He found out that the first part of the show was lost, but he was able to take Anonymous’ schoeps recording and matrix it with the raw board mix… so you will get a good sounding matrix for the 1st 12min, and then the multitrack (also mixed by Crow) kicks in and sounds amazing! Thanks Crow and Anonymous!!
This is one of those rare videos where the performance was excellent, it sounds great, and the angles work. Totally worth the wait.
Special thanks to Tromster for the mix- he mixed this TWICE while caring for his wife and his 1 month old newborn. Thanks friend, and congratulations again.
This one goes out to my postcard family- I hope you can enjoy this, especially with the bad/uncertain news we have been dealing with lately.

Video Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Audio raw soundboard Recorded by Shayne with Sony PCM-M10
Audience audio (Schoeps MK4) by anonymous
Multitrack recording and mix by Michael Crow
Edit by Tromster

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