Recorded by: Jim McLain

Jim notes: The Sacramento Halloween Show does not happen any time close to Halloween. It does, however, have some of Sacramento’s best musicians dressing up and playing as their musical heroes. All for fun, this is a one-off performance and these are not regular cover bands. In fact, these aren’t regular bands at all, no more than 2 people from any one band can be in the same act. The theme this year was Colors. Live at Verge Center for the Arts.

There is a website with additional photos of the bands and more information:


Keely notes: The MC, “Blackbeard”, shares a piece of trivia- that the Concrete Blonde song, Joey, was written about a member of Wall of Voodoo. In the summer of 2018 I was having a conversation with The Weirdos bassist, Bruce Ravens Moreland, a good friend of Johnette Napolitano (who wrote the song) and former member of Wall of Voodoo himself. Ravens shared with me that indeed, the song was written about his late brother, Marc Moreland (1958 – 2002), in a cab on the way to a London recording studio. Marc and Johnette were in a relationship challenged by his painful addiction to alcohol, which contributed to his demise at 44 from kidney failure after an unsuccessful transplant. A great loss to the music community.


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